What are the minimum hours required to rent a vehicle for?

Our company has a minimum of 4 hours on all our vehicles. The hours run consecutively, for example, if you rent the vehicle for 4 hours with a pick up time at 1pm, you would have the vehicle until 5pm.

What is their any additional fees on top of the hourly rate.

No, unlike most companies ABA Unique Limousine does not hit you with surprise fees at the time of booking. The rate quoted is the total rate. The only thing that is left open for the customer is gratuity, which you are not obligated to give to the customer unless you would like to.

What are you hours for viewing and booking vehicles?

The best thing to do before coming in is to call the office at 323.720.9470 and make an appointment. Our vehicle schedules change which causes our office ours to change as well.

How long in advance should I book for my occassion ?

Most clients make their reservations 6 months prior. We always recommend as soon as possible. If there is a specific Vehicle you have in mind the sooner the better.

Can I change the Vehicle or Times after I have made my reservations

Yes, as long as another vehicle is available you can change the vehicle. You can also change the times as long as it does not interfere with an existing reservation.

Do you offer any discounts on multiple vehicle rentals?

Yes, If you book multiple vehicles for the same day we do offer incentives.

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